Wood Flooring Options

Parquet Herringbone

Solid pre-finished Herringbone wood flooring.

Parquet floors are made up of wood blocks laid in geometrical, angular and sometimes curved design. The most popular type of Parquet by far is the  Herringbone style. It is a symbol of true craftsmanship and design that is both elegant and sophisticated. As well as adding value to your home, This type of flooring is usually the main feature in any room it is installed!.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Grand plank engineered wood flooring. these long boards have a 6mm top.

Engineered wood flooring is constructed with layers of both solid and plywood. The solid wood veneer gives the natural beauty and look of a solid wood floor, while the plywood underneath is crisscrossed and compressed together to help prevent warping or bowing. Engineered flooring can be sanded again just like a solid floor but is a much more stable product and can be used in homes with underfloor heating.  

Laminate Wood flooring

Oak robust natural Laminate wood flooring. This Laminate range has narrow boards

Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic product fused together in a high pressure/heat press. This flooring is graded by the EPLF (European Producers of Laminate flooring) with an AC system (Abrasion Class) This is to help consumers make an informed choice when it comes to choosing a floor. The AC is determined by how well a floor will stand up to certain tests..for example, heat, scratches, moisture & scuff marks. The higher the Ac rating, the better quality the floor.

Wood Flooring Brands



Balterio uses a unique foilband per décor to cover the milled bevelled edge. The décor of the foilband on the edge matches perfectly the décor of the plank which makes the laminate wood hardly distinguishable from real parquet floors!



Kronopol Laminate flooring is high quality laminate floor available at an affordable price. The laminate is made with a base of high density fiber core board. A photo is placed onto the hdf board, and it is covered with a melamine layer. This is what makes laminate so durable. It is scratch, heat, and stain resistant, and it is actually more durable than real wood in many cases.


Quickstep wood Laminate click vinyl flooring supplied & installed by FloorIT Letterkenny Co Donegal

 Inspired by the latest trends in architecture, fashion and design, the Quickstep design team constantly dreams up inspiring new floors that breathe naturalness and authenticity.

The result? Laminate and Click Vinyl flooring with an unmatched level of realism .... even in the smallest detail!



Founded in Austria, Egger are one of the leading European brands in wood based laminate and design sectors. Egger combine advance technology and appealing design suitable for both the living space and work space



Produced in Germany, Classen has long  been reputed to be a premium brand of laminate flooring. Unlike some laminates which look artificial, Classen does an excellent job of replicating the fine grooves and grains creating a very authentic and natural looking  laminate floor.



Bishops are a family owned company dedicated to producing high quality flooring sourced from the worlds leading manufacturers. They offer a wide range of high quality flooring designed to reflect your own personal tastes and preferences. All their materials come from sustainable forests.

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